Support Services

Crew counselling and support services are all free, and focused around support for people wanting to address their drug use. We also provide weekly group ear acupuncture sessions which help reduce cravings and gives your body a chance to relax and heal.

Tell me more about drug counselling?

Here at Crew we have a dedicated drug counselling team who provide weekly hour long support sessions over a 20 week period. This is a space where you can freely explore your drug use with an experienced practitioner who is not involved in your day-to-day life. This may give you the chance to make both big and small changes regarding your drug use and your lifestyle. It's a place where you can talk about difficult issues which have been troubling for sometime, safe in the knowledge that you will be met in a non-judgmental way.

What's it like?

The counselling we offer is "Person-Centred" counselling, this means that it is led by your individual needs and takes place at your pace. There can be goal setting and to help achieve your ambitions. By meeting regularly in a confidential environment, you'll have the space to explore the ups and downs, hopes and fears, and potentially develop a greater capacity to cope with the challenges of life.


"Practitioners working at Crew drug counselling are well-qualified, professional counsellors committed to work with crew's service-users."

- University of Edinburgh, 2008

"For me everything has been positive, the talking to someone who has an interest in my wellbeing, learned not to worry too much and that I'm not the only person who feels sad, upset, lonely. THINGS DO GET BETTER!!!"

- Anon client 2016

"There are no "typical" service user at crew drug counselling: the service reaches a very diverse group of people, in terms of age, gender age range and locality."

- University of Edinburgh, 2008

"It has made a huge difference to my life. When I first came I couldn't see any way out. This has drastically changed. I have the confidence that my life can and has changed."

- Anon client, 2016

"I was valued, accepted. How I was, was okay. How much I try was acknowledged. Complexity of things realised"

- Anon client, 2016

Myth busting

Here's some of the common myths that people might have heard before getting to know Crew better. We are a unique service, and are committed to giving you the best service possible. There can be feelings of anxiety when entering into counselling, and it helps to know the facts instead of the fiction.

"Only junkies need counselling."

Here at Crew, we work with people who want to address their own issues. We don't label people, nor do we classify or judge our clients. Although Crew is a specialised psycho-stimulation addictions service, the approach we use is tried and tested for a wide range of issues. Many people have benefited from receiving person-centred counselling, and it is available to those who want to address their issues in a safe and professional environment.

"They speak to the police."

Confidentiality is taken very seriously at Crew. Our confidentiality policy clearly states that counsellors will only break confidentiality if it is deemed that the client is at serious risk to themselves or others. This is a rare occurrence, and we always aim to consult our clients on this before any action is taken. Where the issue raised comes within Lothian Child Protection Committee Guidelines or the guidelines of Crew's own policy, i.e. situations of abuse affecting young people under 16 years of age then we would consider what best action to take. In general, we do not disclose specific client drug use to the police or any other service, we are here to help, not make things worse.

"You get told what to do."

At Crew we use a 'person-centred approach', which means YOU get to decide what YOU do. Though we may work with you towards setting targets to help you achieve your own goals, we certainly don't tell you what or how to make your life choices.

"You have to be clean or you won't get seen."

Although we appreciate clients being sober when they attend their actual sessions, we fully understand how challenging it can be to address drug use. Clients who use the service can have a wide range is issues, and we can help them address them. We do not restrict the service access to people because of their drug use.

How to get an appointment:

Just give us a call on 0131 220 3404 or email us via our contact page