Outreach Services

Here at Crew, we know the best way to engage with people using substances is to go out to the places where they are most likely to be using! Our outreach services are based on the same principle of harm reduction that informs all the other work we do.

There are a huge range of activities that are covered by our Outreach Services some of which are detailed below.

  • Pub Runs - delivering party packs containing condoms and drugs information to pubs.
  • Health Fairs - Providing Information tables at open days and school health fairs.
  • Club Interventions - providing information tables at clubs to help people access the information, support and advice on drugs that they need.
  • Superclub Work - Creating Chill-Out Spaces and providing welfare services to people at big dance events that are in an immediate state of crisis because of something they have taken.
  • Festival Work - Creating Chill-Out Spaces and providing welfare services at music festivals to help people there access the drugs information, advice and immediate support they may need.

The common thread that binds all of our outreach activities is the idea of meeting members of our target community wherever they may be. We adapt our services to fit the needs of the people in the settings in which we work and ensure that they are seen to be not only helpful but friendly and approachable too.

Services run by highly competent and fully trained workers most of whom are volunteers from the community we are engaging with. This is the embodiment of the peer education model that Crew was formed around.

We make it as easy as possible for event organisers to have us at their events and we regularly receive invitations to attend events ranging from small health fairs to big music festivals. Our presence at an event means a safer and more enjoyable night for everyone.


To get more information on Outreach Services please check out our info. sheet here or if you'd like to arrange for us to come along to one of your events just contact Helen or call us on 0131 220 3404.