The Stepped Care Approach

A range of services that are appropriate and proportionate for wherever people are on their drug using careers.

At Crew we are proud of the fact our services have developed in response to the needs of people who use psychostimulant drugs. Our services are for people at every level: from people interested in drugs and their effects and experimenters, to regular users and to people who are finding their drug use is causing problems for them. We also offer recovery support for people who have been dependant on drugs and who are trying to sustain their recovery. This has led to our Stepped Care Approach.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3Step 4
Inform & Educate Advice & Care Therapy & SupportRecovery Support

Stepped Care concept.

  • In Step 1: Crew provides information and education through our drop-in shop and outreach work, to help people make informed choices and increase awareness about drug and alcohol use.
  • In Step 2: Crew provides advice and immediate care, reaching out to people at times when they are most likely to be using drugs, offering advice and crisis support, followed by 'Brief Interventions' where appropriate.
  • In Step 3: We offer therapies, intensive counselling and support, to people who want to gain control over their drug use and regain their health and wellbeing.
  • In Step 4: Ongoing support to build recovery capital following drug counselling is provided in groups and one to one sessions. Crew has facilitated SMART recovery and wellbeing groups in collaboration with other agencies and people in recovery.

What are 'Brief Interventions'?

This is an informal but structured conversation between a Crew member of staff and a drug user, which helps the user think about why and how they are using drugs, what consequences they are experiencing, and what, if anything, they want to change. A Brief Intervention may help a user reduce, stabilise or stop their drug use themselves, or it may help them to decide to seek further help.

Crew defines recovery as "improving quality of life by reducing, stabilising or stopping problematic drug use".

The following pages in this section give a more detailed breakdown of all crew services.