C:Card is a free and confidential service. We provide free condoms (both external/penile condoms and internal/vaginal condoms), sachets of lube, flavoured dams (for oral sex), and latex free condoms to anyone who is 13yrs or older.

If you are 16 years or above you will be given a silver coloured plastic card the first time you register which allows you to get free condoms from a variety of different places in Edinburgh and the Lothians, including Crew.

To register, the process is simple:

  1. Pop into the Crew Shop
  2. Tell us your date of birth and the first part of your postcode (ie. EH1) - This information is completely confidential and you can't be traced from it. We will not ask you for your name and address.
  3. Receive your new C:Card and choose the condoms you want

If you are 13-15 years old the process is the same except you will be given a purple card and you'll need to have a wee chat with a member of staff each time you want condoms. This chat is very informal and completely confidential (unless we think you are being harmed) however it is up to you what you tell us. It only takes 5-10mins and it gives you the chance to get info about safer sex, find out how to put on a condom, and ask questions which might be embarrassing to ask in front of your mates.