Safer Tripping



Remember we all react to substances in different ways and with hallucinogenic substances your state of mind and your environment are very important.

Here are some basic tips to avoid a bad trip if you are determined to use hallucinogenic substances:

  • Always take a test dose e.g. a dab or half a tab and wait at least 2 hours before taking more
  • Avoid mixing with other drugs including alcohol
  • Use when in trusted company
  • Have at least one person in the group who is straight/sober
  • Use in a safe environment (Avoid being around sharp objects, fire etc)
  • Don't use if not in the right head space
  • If you start to feel edgy try not to focus on it, instead remind yourself it will pass and focus on something else

Sometimes people decide to experiement with hallucinogenic substances at festivals which is often a bad idea as the environment can be changeable and unpredictable.  If you or one of your friends gets into a bad trip at a festival, go and see staff at the Welfare or Medical tents who will be able to help.  It's really important to know what someone has taken in order to help effectively, so please be honest about what has been used.

Crew will be at this years Rockness and Belladrum festivals- look out for us at Welfare.