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Crew News: Mar 08 2012

Update and further information on the drug Methoxetamine.

Methoxetamine is an analogue of Ketamine and has been doing the rounds on the legal highs scene recently, often under brand/streetnames MXE or MKET.  Crew have had lots of enquries from users and from workers in the field looking for more information. You can download a briefing on it in Downloads

Although not currently controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act, Methoxetamine has been referred to the ACMD under brand new legislation called Temporary Class Drug Orders so it may very soon be controlled.

Effects are similar to Ketamine although the dosage range is reportedly lower so users should apply caution to dosing and practice harm reduction if determined to use.  Remember legal doesn't necessarily mean safe, risks are likely to be similar to Ketamine if not more so as it is a relatively unknown substance.

If you are exeperincing any issues from MXE use and want to talk to someone, please Contact us.  If you experience any negative side effects, please contact your GP, NHS 24 or local A and E.

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