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Crew News: Dec 08 2011

Crew have compiled a briefing on current trends we have been made aware of by our partners, service users and other stakeholders.

At Crew, we are passionate about information sharing and want to get information out to services, which we gleaned through our Outreach events over summer, support services and various partner organisations.  If you have any information you would like to share with us to contribute to our next briefing, please get in touch with Katy

Current trends

The main trends we are seeing is the resurgance of MDMA based Ecstasy tablets, there is also some tablets containing the substance PMMA.  We have some relevant information and warnings about this here and here.

Druglink recently published a survey which highlighted Ketamine is on the increase, see Crew's response in our blog. New psychoactive substances often referred to as Legal Highs are still popular with some trends turning to Ketamine analogues such as Methoxetamine, cocaine replacements and a group of drugs called Aminoindanes.  There are newer generation versions of synthethic cannabinoids similar to previous products such as Spice and there are also unlicensed benzodiazepines on the market.

For further information, please download our free briefing here.

Training on current trends

If you or your team needs to get up to date on emering trends or on drugs generally, please visit our training site here, we provide a range of courses including bespoke options which we can tailor to your individual needs, to discuss please get in touch with Katy