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Crew News: Dec 07 2011

Crew would like to get your support with various surveys we are running including the global drugs survey published by Mixmag.  At Crew we believe in evidence based responses to drug use and so participating in research is very important.  Please check out the varieties of ways you can help support research and Crew in continuing our work...

Global Drugs Survey 2012 (Mixmag)

We need more Scottish replies!!

Global Drugs Survey (Mixmag)Mixmag Drugs Survey 2012 is ran in partnership with the Guardian. This year we hope to produce the biggest - and first truly global - survey of drug use amongst young people, clubbers and the wider drug using population ever conducted.

It takes about 10-20 minutes to fill in, is completely anonymous and by being part of it, you could help change the world. That's because the Mixmag / Guardian Drugs survey is where the world goes to find out real peoples' attitudes to and experience of drugs, and the medical, social and law enforcement consequences of drug use.


The survey has been used by doctors, academics, and even governments across the planet to understand drug trends, to influence policy and to inform their decisions. The analysis is performed by a team of doctors and scientists, using the highest professional research standards, to get to the real truth about drugs.


For more info and to fill in survey visit the  global drugs survey site


Help Crew by filling in our user impact survey!


Would you like to help support Crew? Now is your chance! Crew are running a user impact survey. The survey is to help Crew find out about what you think about us, what difference this makes and to help us improve our services. It will also be very valuable information for our funders so by filling this in you will be helping keep Crew alive.


The survey will only take a few minutes to fill out. You can fill out our survey here


Thank you for your time!


Crew Drugs Prices Survey


To help inform Crew's expert witness work and drugs training, we need your help!


We are looking for people with personal experience or knowledge of drug prices across Scotland and the UK to complete a short survey.The information we recieve will only be used to inform information we use in providing expert witness testimonials for defence in drug cases and in our drugs training. We don't ask for people's names to avoid self-incrimination, should this be a concern for anyone filling it in.

You can fill out the survey here

Thank you!!