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Crew News: Dec 02 2010

Crew celebrates its 18th birthday

18th Birthday Balloons

Edinburgh, 1992, during a public outcry fuelled by media hyperbole about ecstasy (MDMA) and the rave culture which was apparently sweeping the good citizens of Britain into the teeth of death and debauchery, a group of community workers got together with some of the people who were using the new drugs (and some old ones as well) and started a peer education project to promote safer drug use and improve sexual health practices amongst this new generation of hedonists.

So began the work of Crew 2000 which has moved from printing leaflets in a volunteer's flat to become an award winning community health organisation which has received national and international recognition for its work in reducing harm around substance use.

Crew remains true to its roots of peer education, peer support and community development principles. It has retained a strong voluntary ethos throughout its 18 year history and in this time hundreds of volunteers have been trained as peer educators and many have gone on to found similar organisations around the world, whilst others have become workers in the field of substance use and addiction.

18th Birthday banner & balloons

Crew has seen great changes in not just the drugs that have come along but also patterns and trends in substance use from MDMA and Ketamine to GHB and from Amyl Nitrate and Cocaine to Mephedrone and NRG 1.

Our aims are still to get out credible and non-judgemental information so that potential users can make informed choices about their health but also to campaign and provide services for people who have difficulty through problematic use and addiction issues.

Crew now offers a range of services for people that are proportionate and appropriate to where they might be on their substance use spectrum.

On the 18th November 2010 we hosted a get together with former members of staff, volunteers and supporters, celebrating the past eighteen years.