Benzo Fury

Roll up
Roll up

Crew News: Nov 09 2010

We've compiled some information about 'Benzo Fury', a research chemical and legal high.

Background Info

Benzo Fury is a branded name for a research chemical and legal high. Often sold to contain the chemical 6‐APB (1‐(benzofuran‐6 yl)propan‐2‐amine). Some test analysis has shown that it contains other substances such as D2PM (Diphenylprolinol).

It can be found in pellet or white powder form.

Typical effects and side effects

Physical effects include: rushes, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, chest pains/palpitations, dilated pupils, sweating, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, dry mouth, increased thirst, sleeplessness/insomnia

Mental effects: feeling of stimulation and excitement, perception of increased energy, alertness, urge to talk, poor concentration, visual and auditory hallucinations (hearing and seeing things), craving to re‐dose, anxiety, paranoia, poor concentration, mental confusion, poor short term memory, changes in body temperature, suppressed appetite

Harm reduction

If determined to use:

  • Try a small test amount and wait at least one hour before re‐dosing
  • Avoid mixing with other substances and alcohol.
  • Control quantities you take in one session.
  • If snorting, clean out nose after use and use straw‐don't share with anyone else!
  • Avoid mixing with other legal highs, substances and alcohol.
  • Try not to use alone and tell your friends what you are taking.
  • Avoid if you have any history of mental health issues.
  • Seek help from medical support if you experience any negative side effects.

We would advise anyone experiencing issues from Benzo Fury or other similar substances to seek medical support via their GP or NHS 24 on 08454 24 24 24.

If you require more information or support regarding a drug issue or information about legal high training please contact staff at Crew on 0131 220 3404.

You can also download the info. sheet for Benzo Fury here.