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Crew News: Jul 20 2010

See some of the work Crew does featured on a new Channel 4 documentary this August.  

This provocative documentary is exploring the ‘War on drugs' and shows some of the impact current policies are having around the world. Director of Crew, John Arthur explains how ‘the documentary team followed us about for a month or more as we went about our business of reducing the harm from substance use'.

He went on to say that ‘whilst this only shows a fraction of what we do, it does help us to see our work in both national and international contexts' The documentary follows illegal drugs from their sources to the streets and examines the impacts in producer, transit and consumer countries, it also asks what damage might we be doing by prohibiting drug production, distribution and consumption.

Whilst it is a serious attempt to investigate current policy imperatives it is sure to stir up controversy amongst those who favour the status quo in drug policy as well as those who might be confused and concerned that it might be advocating for something that could make things worse. We should not be afraid of debate on this issue and Crew has long advocated the need for there to be discussion around drug policy to ensure policy is evidence based.