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    Mephedrone (4-mmc)



    Meph, Drone, Meow, MMCAT, Magic, Plant food,  not to be confused with other substances Methedrone (PMMC) and Methylone (MDMC).


    Mephedrone is a stimulant and psychoactive drug which is used as an alternative to ecstasy, cocaine or amphetamine.

    It is most commonly sold in Scotland in white powder or crystal form or capsules containing the powder. It can also be found in pill form.

    It is either consumed orally (powder wrapped in cigarette paper and "bombed" or ingested in capsule or pill form), nasally (snorted with straw or banknote) or it can also be taken rectally diluted in water by using a syringe.

    It is often sold as plant food via the internet, some users report it to be contained in some branded legal highs and is sometimes sold mixed with Methylone, often known as "Bubbles".


    Reported dosages: no recommendations.


    • Light: 25 - 75mg
    • Typical: 75 ‐ 150mg
    • Strong: 150 ‐ 250+ mg

    Onset of effects: 15‐45 min, Duration of effects: 3‐5 hours


    • Light 15‐25mg
    • Typical 25‐80mg
    • Strong 80‐125mg
    Onset of effects: 5‐10 min, Duration of effects: 1‐ 2 hours

    Patterns of use

    It is common for users to re‐dose after 45mins(nasal)‐2 hours (oral) as many report the main effects tend to plateau at this time. It is also not uncommon for users to use in excess of 1 gram per drug‐using session although this is not advised. This pattern may be due to "more‐ish" nature of the drug as reported by users.


    Feeling of coming up, alertness, euphoria, rushes, urge to dance, excitement, feeling of stimulation, elevated mood urge to talk.

    Side effects

    Pain & irritation of skin exposed to substance, irritation/pain to nasal area after snorting, dry mouth, craving to redose, supressed appetite, poor concentration, poor short term memory, increased heart rate, increased body temperature, palpitations, anxiety, depression, sweating with odour, gurning, nystagymus (eye jitters) and pupil dilation.


    Tiredness and lethargy, craving, sleeplessness.

    After effects

    Bleary memories of events whilst under the influence of the drug and nasal pain may last until the next day.

    The list above is some of the main effects and side effects that have been reported, not all these effects will be experienced by all users and the more serious effects tend to be reported in cases

    Long term effects

    Little is known about long‐term effects. There has been some suggestion that vasoconstriction (narrowing of the blood vessels) may be a concern especially at higher doses although more research is needed.  This can cause side effects such as blue colouring to limbs-often hands and knees.

    Harm reduction

    • Limit dose‐start with a small amount and leave at least 1 hour before re‐dosing
    • Control quantities you take in one session (users advise to limit to no more than ½ gram in 24 hours)
    • Avoid mixing with other drugs/alcohol
    • If you're determined to mix, use low doses of mephedrone and the substance you intend to mix with
    • Ingest within a capsule/cigarette paper
    • If snorting, clean out nose after use and use straw‐don't share with anyone else!
    • Ensure you replace fluids lost by dancing but be careful with water consumption‐small sips
    • Take regular breaks when dancing so as not to dehydrate
    • Try not to use alone and tell your friends what you are taking
    • If you are on anti depressant medication especially MAOI's, and certain SSRI'S it is advised to avoid mephedrone due to possibility of increased risk of serotonin syndrome.
    • If you have any history of heart, circulatory or blood pressure problems, it is advised you avoid mephedrone.

    Law (Oct. 2009)

    • Mephedrone is now a class B drug. The maximum penalty for possession is 5 years imprisonment and an unlimited fine. Maximum penalty for supply and trafficking is 14 years and an unlimited fine.
    • Illegal in Israel, Sweden, Norway and Denmark
    • Unscheduled in U.S although again not able to be sold for human consumption under Federal Analogue Act
    • Classified as a "medicinal product" in Finland making it illegal to manufacture, import, possess, sell, or transfer it without a prescription

    Further Information

    More detail about mephedrone can be found in our info. sheet here


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