About Crew

Crew philosophy

We neither condemn nor condone drug use but believe there are ways to reduce harm for the significant numbers of our fellow citizens who decide to use them.

At Crew: We want to ensure that people have the best information available in order to make up their own mind about whether they should or shouldn't use drugs. We point out the dangers in using drugs and if people are still intent on using them we suggest ways to use which may be safer than others.

Joint working: We work closely with other agencies, in the private, public and voluntary sectors and always strive to provide a professional service to the public. We don't wait for young people to develop problems with their drug use, our services reach out to where young people are and where they use their drug.

Community development approach: We are continually learning form drug users as well as from colleagues in a variety of sectors & from around the world. Crew's model of work has been successfully incorporated into services across the globe. Crew adopts a community developmental approach to working with people and therefore does not copyright any of its resources or materials, believing that they come from the community and should be freely available to the community.

Potted history

Community response: Crew developed around 1992 in response to the rapid expansion of recreational drug use and was...


Crew's Board of Directors Our board are volunteers and are not paid for the time and commitment...


Impact Award Impact award for improving public health in Scotland, Investing in volunteering award and a range of publications...


By Paypal or Text! We love money - it means we can offer the services we do. Crew's work is funded from a variety of sources. Much of this...