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Crew News: Dec 01 2017
See our opening times over winter and some tips to having a safer time over the New Year...

Mephedrone research study

Crew News: Feb 28 2013
Glasgow university are conducting some reasearch into Mephedrone.

Dancebase at Crew!

Crew News: Jan 07 2013
Crew and Simpson House street dance group every Monday 10-10.45 from 14th Jan...

Ecstasy warning!

Crew News: Nov 14 2012
There are "pink cherry" tablets in circulation which are connected with hospital admissions in Glasgow area recently.

Mindfulness Group at Crew for Service Users!

Crew News: Oct 15 2012
Taster session Wednesday 7th November 3.30-5.30pm

Download Crew's briefing on Benzo Fury!!

Crew News: Jul 09 2012
Update and further information on the drug Benzo Fury.

Ecstasy Warning!

Crew News: Jun 07 2012
"Pink MacDonalds" found to contain dangerous substance PMA

SMART Recovery Group at Crew!

Crew News: Jun 05 2012
Crew are now running SMART recovery groups every Wednesday 1pm-2.30pm

New Post Advertised at Crew!

Crew News: May 14 2012
Crew is excited to announce a further opportunity to join the staff team, we are looking for a temporary part-time senior practitioner (maternity cover).  

Upcoming training events at Crew!

Crew News: Apr 03 2012
Crew has two 1 day Training for Trainers courses and open workshops in Novel Psychoactive Substances (legal highs) happening in April and May.

Upcoming Vacancies at Crew!

Crew News: Mar 12 2012
Crew is excited to announce two opportunities to join the staff team, we are looking for an Administrative and Facilities officer and Support Services Team leader (maternity cover).

Download Crew's briefing on Methoxetamine!

Crew News: Mar 08 2012
Update and further information on the drug Methoxetamine.

Ecstasy containing PMMA warning

Crew News: Dec 16 2011
Information about PMMA in ecstasy tablets and how to stay safe if using Ecstasy

Download Crew's current drug trends briefing!

Crew News: Dec 08 2011
Crew have compiled a briefing on current trends we have been made aware of by our partners, service users and other stakeholders.

Crew needs you for feedback and research!

Crew News: Dec 07 2011
Crew would like to get your support with various surveys we are running including the global drugs survey published by Mixmag.  At Crew we believe in evidence based responses to drug use and so participating in research is very important.  Please check out the varieties of ways you can help support research and Crew in continuing our work...


Crew News: Dec 06 2011
Our new BBV drop in testing service is now on during shop hours- 1pm to 5pm Mon to Sat (Except Thurs) OR Call Lisa for an appointment (0131 220 3404)    

Do you want to help Crew? Then tell us what you think about us!

Crew News: Nov 23 2011
Crew are conducting a survey about how our services users feel about us and what difference our support has made.

Crew drug prices survey!

Crew News: Oct 04 2011
To help inform Crew's expert witness work and drugs training, we need your help!

Crew Board Members

Crew News: Sep 26 2011
Crew is recruiting new board members, now is your chance to suppport and influence this award winning organisation.

Drug warning- PMMA

Crew News: Jul 28 2011
Some ecstasy batches and legal high products have been analysed to contain the substance PMMA.

Ecstasy warning

Crew News: Jul 04 2011
Reportedly strong batches and varieties of ecstasy around on the scene, so any users determined to use ecstasy should take care with dosing so as to stay safe.

"40 Years of Failure" Drugs Policy Letter

Crew News: Jun 02 2011
Here's the letter published in the Guardian today, 2/6/2011, on the 40th anniversary of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 by campaigning charity Release. We urge you to comment with the Guardian here: (  

Crew in Times Educational Supplement article

Crew News: Mar 09 2011
Check out a great article, which Crew has contributed to, on legal high use in schools...

Emerging trends and substances used as “legal highs” seminars

Crew News: Mar 01 2011
Due to popular demand Crew are delivering extra awareness raising seminars in March in partnership with Dundee and Angus Alcohol and Drug Partnerships.


Crew News: Jan 13 2011
Information about phenazepam, a drug which there has been a lot of interest in recently.

Crew comes of age!

Crew News: Dec 02 2010
Crew celebrates its 18th birthday

Benzo Fury

Crew News: Nov 09 2010
We've compiled some information about 'Benzo Fury', a research chemical and legal high.

Ivory Wave

Crew News: Aug 09 2010
Information about a drug called 'Ivory Wave' which we have had lots of enquiries about over the last couple of weeks.

Crew on Channel 4

Crew News: Jul 20 2010
See some of the work Crew does featured on a new Channel 4 documentary this August.  

New SMART Recovery Groups

Crew News: Jun 21 2010
Are you on a journey to recovery?    

'A new dialogue on drugs called for'

Crew News: May 31 2010
A new conversation about drugs

Wellbeing Groups

Crew News: May 11 2010
We are starting up some wellbeing groups at the following times:  

New Oasis Website!

Crew News: Mar 09 2010
To check out your alcohol or cocaine use, go to the OASIS website.  

Moving Premises Questionnaire

Crew News: Jan 27 2010
Please help us out by taking a short survey about what the impact would be on you if Crew moves to another premises.

Legal Highs

Crew News: Nov 04 2009
Crew is researching into the effects of substances used as ' legal highs' to try to provide more information and increase the awareness of the effects of these drugs.  

Rudolph the white nosed reindeer

Crew News: Jan 26 2009
Rudolph the white nosed reindeer has been a very successful campaign to highlight some of the dangers in using too much cocaine and or mixing it with other substances. The uptake of the message through Bluetooth technology has been phenomenal.