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Acid, LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), trips, tabs or by its logo eg. strawberries, purple hearts, Albert Hoffman etc.


May be a colourless liquid, on a blotting paper or in coloured microdots (tiny tablets the size of a lighter flint)


LSD is a hallucinogenic drug and trips can last for 12-20 hours depending on dose. Your trip will be strongly influenced by your state of mind before taking it and is likely to amplify whatever emotion you have before taking LSD. A good trip may be uplifting, funny or spiritual. User's experiences, thoughts, emotions and perceptions are affected. 30-60 mins after ingestion (swallowing), colours become sharper and moving objects appear to leave traces. Perception of reality can become altered in a positive or negative way (good trip / bad trip). Time can seem to slow down or even stop and some users report that they can see sound and feel light (synesthesia).

Some users report "flashbacks" many years after use. LSD use can lead to mental health problems, triggering underlying problems such as paranoia, psychosis and schizophrenia. People who are experiencing emotional or psychological problems and those who have a family history of mental illness might want to avoid using LSD.

Harm Reduction

It is difficult to gauge the correct dose as strength varies. If you choose to use LSD, it is good advice to take half a blotter or microdot and give plenty of time to suss out the initial effects. Always use with people you know and trust. If a friend is having a bad time, then find a safe space and be prepared to sit with them for quite a while until the trip is over. Always remember that what people are feeling and seeing is very real to them! Do not drive or operate machinery while on LSD Altered perceptions mean you may not spot dangers, so be careful. If you are in a group have one person who stays 'straight'. This could be someone who knows what to expect from LSD Feelings of unreality could last for a few days after a trip. So think about what you may have to do in the days following your use.


LSD is a class A drug. Max penalty for possession is 7 years imprisonment and an unlimited fine. Max penalty for supply is life imprisonment and an unlimited fine.


LSD can be found in your urine for up to 2 - 3 days.