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Ket, Special K, Vitamin K, Cornflakes, Cereal


Ketamine is most commonly found as an off-white powder or as a clear odourless liquid for injection, which can be turned into powder. It is a disassociative anaesthetic (trippy knockout) which is still used by vets and sometimes found in pills sold as Ecstasy. K is usually injected into a muscle or snorted through the nose. It can be swallowed as a pill (although this is rare) or in a wrap of paper 'bombing' which leads to milder and longer lasting effects. Injecting leads to much more intense and shorter lasting effects.


One pill will usually start working within 30 mins & the effects can last for about 2 hours. One gram of Ketamine should be divided up into at least 20 lines. When snorting K a 50mg dose (a twentieth of a gram, a very small line) can produce effects within 5-15mins. If injecting, a dose can range from 25-125mg and effects can start almost immediately. Effects can last 30min-1hour depending on how it is taken.

K slows down messages from your body to your mind and users may feel like the world is in slow motion. At low doses users can feel relaxed and talkative. At higher doses vision can blur and this can cause confusion. In even higher doses it can feel like the user is outside their body looking in (entering the 'K Hole'). This can come with a sense of wellbeing and inner peace.

Negative experiences include paranoia, anxiety and a loss of the sense of reality. It can lead to bad hallucinations where the user feels trapped and unable to escape. Regular users can develop a tolerance and a need to use more each time which can lead to dependence. Swallowing Ketamine can make you feel nauseous and over time this might cause stomach problems. Injecting is very different. It can make you feel totally out of your body and has been compared to a near death experience. Come downs can include irritability, anxiety, depression and poor sleep. Ketamine is an anaesthetic and because you feel no pain, you are at considerably greater risk of seriously injuring yourself.

Harm Reduction

  • Use your own tooter/needles as there is a risk of transferring infection
  • Alternate nostrils to snort and clean your nostrils after each session (not each line) to minimise damage.
  • Use vitamin E oil occasionally to avoid dryness and irritation.
  • You can't be sure how pure the k you're sold is - assume it's strong, as too much can knock you out
  • K is not a "dance drug" - it can be a terrifying experience in a club. If you're going to use it, do it somewhere you feel safe & with people you trust.
  • Do not swallow the drip that you may get at the back of your throat from taking K. Swallowing this can cause long term stomach problems


Ketamine is a class C drug. Max penalty for possession is 2 years imprisonment and an unlimited fine. Max penalty for supply is 14 years in jail and an unlimited fine.


K can be found in urine for 3-5 days.