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Brown, Skag, H, Kit, Gear, Smack


Heroin comes as a powder which can vary in colour from brown to white. It is usually heated on tin foil (chasing/burning) or injected. Less common methods are snorting or smoking it in a joint.

When 'chasing', the powder is placed on tin foil & heated which forms an oil that runs along the foil leaving a black residue. As it evaporates it is inhaled through a tin foil tube or tooter. Smoking and 'burning' heroin are less dangerous than snorting or injecting and gives more control over the amount used.

Injecting is the most risky way to use heroin for a number of reasons not least the danger of contracting blood borne viruses and from overdose.


Smoking heroin can make you feel warm & relaxed inside, with a feeling of security. Bad effects include nausea, loss of sexual drive, lethargy, and irritability.

Heroin use has a high propensity towards dependence. Regular users often need larger doses to get the same effect and may begin to experience withdrawal & want more heroin. Purity often varies, increasing the chance of overdose.

Harm Reduction

  • Burn or smoke heroin rather than snorting or injecting it. Burning/smoking H gives you the chance to assess how strong the gear is before doing it all and is far more controllable than snorting or injecting. If you snort a line of kit you have NO idea of its strength etc until it hits, which may well be too late.
  • If you choose to inject, don't do all your heroin in one go. Make sure you are with other people who can call an ambulance if you OD.
  • Avoid other sedative drugs like alcohol, methadone, benzos or sleeping tablets. Mixing heroin with these drugs increases the chances of having an OD.
  • Use your own needles, syringes, spoons, filters, water and containers to avoid catching infections such as hepatitis and HIV.
  • The vast majority of overdoses occur when using after being clean from opiates. Remember your tolerance will drop and using the same amount as before may kill you.


Possession & supply (dealing, sharing or possession with intent to supply) are illegal. Max penalty for possession is 7 years & unlimited fine.

Max for supply is life & unlimited fine (Class A, schedule 1 under the Misuse of Drugs Act).


Heroin can be detected in urine from 2-5 days after use.

For more in depth information on this substance you can check out one of the worlds best drug websites: www.erowid.org