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MDMD, E's, Eckies, Pills, Sweeties


MDMA comes in powder or crystalline form and is the active ingredient found in most pills sold as ecstasy. Colours vary and may include white, yellow, pink, brown and speckled. Ecstasy is usually swallowed (pill) or snorted (powder).

It is often cut with other drugs such as Ketamine and Speed (but not with heroin to date), and has different amounts of MDMA in it. MDMA powder is often snorted and is usually sold in ½ grams.


Short term effects can last for several hours. These include increased blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. It gives you feelings of euphoria & empathy (luv'd up), a greater sense of well being and sociability.

Other physical effects may include jaw clenching (gurning), muscle stiffness, eye flickering and a dry mouth. Risks of taking ecstasy include heatstroke, dehydration, over hydration, teeth erosion, mouth ulcers and possible heart failure.

Medium to long term use can affect your mood, causing paranoia, panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Comedowns happen for 3-4 days after and can leave you feeling down and irritable. Higher doses can make you gouch.

Harm Reduction

  • Start with half a pill and wait 45mins - 1 hour to feel the effect. This gives you more control. More than one pill may not mean more effect but it does mean there is further to comedown.
  • Snorting MDMA powder can have stronger effects and the physical and emotional side effects may be more intense. Start with a little (crystal/ finger dab) to see how it affects you.
  • Ecstasy raises body temperature as does dancing. If dancing energetically in a hot club, replace lost fluids gradually by sipping 1 pint of water over an hour. If not dancing DON'T drink as much. Remember that too much water can be just as dangerous as too little.
  • Avoid mixing with alcohol as it can dull the effects of ecstasy and increases the chance of dehydration.
  • Chill out regularly and cool down.
  • Dress for inside and outside a club.
  • If you feel crap, tell someone, take time out and remember that the effects will wear off.
  • Comedowns: You may not want to eat for a while afterwards so eat well before you go out and make sure you have easy to eat food at home. Catch up on sleep (without taking downers or smoking cannabis).


Ecstasy is a class A drug. Max penalty for possession is 7 years imprisonment and unlimited fine. Max penalty for supply is life and unlimited fine.


Can show up in urine for a minimum of 3-4 days after use although this depends on factors such as individual body weight, amount taken and frequency of use.

For more in depth information on this substance you can check out one of the worlds best drug websites: www.erowid.org