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Wash, rocks, stones, pebbles, base, freebase


'Crack' is a smokeable form of cocaine made into small white or creamy/yellowish lumps or rocks which make a cracking noise when burnt. Crack is usually smoked in a pipe, glass tube, plastic bottle or in foil but can also be chased, flaked into a joint or injected. Crack is a relatively pure form of cocaine with rock often being 70-90% pure cocaine however this depends on the purity of the cocaine originally used to produce the crack.


Crack is a stimulant drug that makes the user feel more confident, alert and energetic. When smoked, it kicks in almost immediately and takes the user 'higher' than snorting powder cocaine. As a trade off, the 'high' lasts less time (about 5 minutes) and the comedown is more intense, often leaving users wanting more. On a comedown, users can have feelings of anxiety, irritability, depression and paranoia. Users can also suffer from insomnia (not being able to sleep). Individuals can find it difficult to control their crack use which can lead to dependence. Many crack users also take downers to help with the comedown which can lead to dependency on both drugs.

Harm Reduction

  • It is advisable not to mix crack with other drugs.
  • To reduce the risks of infections from other users, it is advisable to smoke crack through your own pipe.
  • Wait 20-30 minutes between pipes otherwise you will not feel the hit and only become more anxious/paranoid

The Law

Crack is a Class A. Possession and supply (dealing, sharing or possession with the intent to supply) are illegal. Max penalty for possession is 7 years and an unlimited fine. Max penalty for supply is life and an unlimited fine.


Crack can be found in urine for around 3-5 days after use.

For more in depth information on this substance you can check out one of the worlds best drug websites: www.erowid.org