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Roids. Juice Product names include Sustanon 250, Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol, Anavar, Stanazol


Anabolic Steroids are performance enhancing drugs derived from testosterone, a naturally occurring male hormone. They come in tablet form for oral use, liquid ampoules for intramuscular injection, and occasionally patches and suppositories.


Steroids are used for their muscle building (anabolic) properties. Initially steroids are believed to encourage harder workouts and reduce the time needed to recover from them. However their use does not result in increased muscle size and strength unless this use is combined with intensive training and a diet high in both calories and protein.

Users often experience a long lasting 'buzz' which may make them feel euphoric, confident, powerful, invincible or randy. Steroid use can disrupt the body's hormonal balance causing reversible and irreversible effects. Common side effects include; acne, male pattern baldness, impotence, shrinking of testicles and reduced sperm count, increased levels of aggression, paranoia, dramatic mood swings and sleeping problems. 'Bitch Tits' (Gynecomastia) is a condition characterised by a growth of breast tissue on men, sometimes as a side effect of steroid abuse.

Less common effects can include; stunted growth in adolescents, high blood pressure and cholesterol, liver damage, prostrate, liver & kidney cancer, and increased risk of coronary heart disease. Steroids are particularly dangerous for women and can cause many of the above symptoms as well as enlargement of the female clitoris, breast reduction, an increase in body hair and deepening of the voice, which may be irreversible. Psychological dependence has been reported.

Harm Reduction

  • Be aware of the dosage you are taking as different strengths exist.
  • When taking oral steroids, high doses of milk thistle extract can help to cleanse the liver and kidneys.
  • Avoid alcohol as this will increase the strain on the body's vital organs and may make you feel sick.

    When injecting steroids:
  • Use sterile needles to avoid contracting blood borne diseases including HIV & Hepatitis.
  • Never share needles or injecting equipment
  • Clean needles and advice can be obtained from your local needle exchange.

  • For more harm reduction information visit the following website: www.MickHart.com

The Law

Anabolic Steroids are classified individually but are generally Class C drugs. Possession can carry up to 2 years imprisonment and unlimited fine. Supply and Intent to supply these drugs are illegal and could face up to 14 years and unlimited fine. However it is very unlikely, in practice, to be charged for possession.


The detection of anabolic steroids in urine is dependant on the type used. Some may leave the body after 1 week but others may stay detectable for up to 18 months.