What the volunteers say

  • "Through volunteering for Crew I've expanded my knowledge about drugs and drug culture, got the opportunity to work in a young, energetic, flexible and creative team"
  • "My contributions have always been appreciated and it made me feel useful"
  • "Yeah, I would like to say, Crew doesn't have a feel like other organisations. Unlike the formality, Crew is totally down to earth and really welcoming"
  • "Work can be challenging but fun is always one of Crew's priorities"
  • "Crew is always open to new ideas"
  • "I, personally, had many opportunities to push myself a little step at a time, talking to people and being involved with things that I don't usually do otherwise."

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You can also download our Volunteer Agreement from our downloads page

For more info call us on 0131 220 3404 or use our contact page to Contact Lisa