The Crew Shop

The Crew shop is situated on Cockburn Street in the centre of Edinburgh and is run by staff and volunteers. We try to create a fun, relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere where you can:

  • Pop in for free up to date information, advice and support on drugs and sexual health
  • Get free condoms, dams &/or lubes (see our C:Card section for more info)
  • Find out about our free DJ workshops
  • Get info about volunteering with Crew
  • Find out about the complimentary therapies we offer
  • Chat to someone in confidence about accessing our drug counselling service

We try to stay current and share information about any dodgy drugs which are doing the rounds. We have an anonymous box in the shop for people to share their experiences which we then transfer to a notice board in the shop. If you have any information you think would be worth sharing please either post a note in our 'dodgy drug' box in the shop or drop us an email at:

As well as the info you can get in the shop we also use our shop windows as a way of giving you non judgemental information and advice about drugs, sexual health and safer clubbing which is fun, important and relevant. It's quite a challenge to come up with new and inventive ways of grabbing your attention!

Our Shop opening times are:

Monday-Wednesday 1-5pm

Thursday 3-7pm

Friday & Saturday 1-5pm